A truly smart house is one where the occupant has lavish sums to splash out on all types of systems, HVAC, Security, Entertainment, Energy saving etc. But what about the rest of us? those who are unable to afford such luxuries? and this is where with our partners – Sensor IT and VelocityRDT we are transforming the whole landscape of affordable smart homes. Forget the builder, sorry but they are great at (on the whole) building what the architect designs, the architect too will be working to a budget, and when it comes to social housing typically cost is the most important factor. But stop for a minute, by deploying sensors, giving up to date data on the building, the health of the ‘asset’ in real time, we get to see what is happening within. Is the senior citizens property too cold?

if so, overside the system and warm to 22 deg.. therefore preventing the individual sitting in a cold room with the effect of hypothermia and a spell in hospital not only costing thousands but bringing anguish and uncertainty to those close to them. We want to revolutionise this, our partners Velocity RDT openly say they are ‘disruptors’ because they see what is going on, look holistically and intervene with technology along with skills to solve.

Go back to the senior in their home for a moment, what’s the cost of moving the heating up from 17deg to 22deg for a night in their home? £10 versus £2000 to send an ambulance, have two or three nights stay in hospital? it’s a no brainer, yet we need the willingness, the can do attitude, the zest across multiple organisations to achieve this. We can, we are trying, we are moving things along to ensure that whatever part of a home, it’s covered, monitored, controlled to enhance the quality of the person’s home.. the old saying goes an ‘englishman’s home is his castle’. We need to have a fit and proper saying that ‘affordable smart technology in a home can transform it into a palace’… and why not!?