Pinewood Bordon Hampshire Project Updates

Installation of the modular home foundations

As with any foundation works care needs to be taken applying the correct structural loads to take each modular home. The Pinewood site in Bordon has two complex structural elements, the external homes on an open site as you can see from the photo and an internal structure that’s been standing since the mid 1990’s.

All too frequently developers are racing for the quickest gain, the biggest profile margin and typically would have bulldozed this site and put ten new faceless units that make the area look bland. Pinewood as a hall had its heyday, it has memories in the building, the boxing club, the zumba class, birthdays and election polling station, but with competition elsewhere and the lack of regular use the hall became uneconomical in its present state.

In the early days of planning a site meeting coincided with the General Election & a local resident walked in expecting to vote oblivious the hall had been closed and not reading their polling card! In a way, there’s a story to all of this. The foundations are what people need in life, to get a step up and have the base to achieve, they may also slip up, if foundations aren’t there, Pinewood should be seen as that foundation, giving individuals, couples, families that level of stability needed to build upon. This is happening, East Hampshire District Council is enabling this.


Pinewood Commences

Before starting the internal works we need to ensure the externals are laid out ready to accept three modular homes for couples and families and to prepare the land accordingly.

The work has started, the aim is to ‘scrape’ the existing surface by approximately 20cm and level off the land. The soil is predominantly compacted sand. With the sand comes a requirement of an extra soak away. This is part of the Government’s requirements to prepare for a ‘1 in 100 year climatic change event’. This means each new home going onto the Pinewood site has a sedum grass roof. The water running from the roof will disperse into a new soak away and then naturally into the soil.

There are walls, steps, and a slope going in and we’ll show you in the days ahead.

Meet Pinewood’s Site Manager ‘Ram’

Ram joined VelocityRDT to head up the site implementation. Ram gained his accredited Site Safety, Site Supervisory and Site Engineering Degree from London University and is responsible for the smooth running of the job.

Ram moved to Bordon in January and relishes the job. Since he started we found out he is rather partial to eating pizza and jam doughnuts! Always smiling and nothing too much trouble Ram brings a positive approach to running the Pinewood implementation.

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