Why Haauuss

Technologically advanced and affordable homes

We have patented highly intelligent technology that’s embedded into each home we build

Each home user has the opportunity to have interactive technology to improve their quality to reduce their carbon footprint, and tailor their homes

Our lean manufacturing process means we can create almost any shape, size and design, customized to our clients needs

Our difference came about by winning the coveted Geovation Award from the Geovation part of the Ordnance Survey for our ‘WareHAUS360’ ‘house within a building’ concept that has now grown and transformed our business model

Smart Haauuss

Custom-Built Homes

Intelligent modular and affordable custom-built homes

Quality Standards

Highest in the industry

Wide Varieties

Multiple styles, finishes, designs.

Wide Home Setup

From studios and one bedrooms to 2-6 bedrooms plus the choice is yours

Top Quality

Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom

Local Options

Tailored to local requirements

Technological Advancements

  • Each home is delivered with the most advanced technology for comfort, energy saving, sustainability, and predictive maintenance
  • Homes come complete with ‘the most’ advanced predicative and preventative maintenance sensory technology on the market.
  • Solutions though our partners VelocityRDT, Sensor-IT and FatigueVision deliver the ability to predict, and prevent, knowing what is happening to the building in real time and how the building performs
  • Each home is also upgradable, as simple as your mobile phone, updates to the technology to ensure optimal performance.

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