Smart Haauuss

Custom-Built Homes

Intelligent modular and affordable custom-built homes

Quality Standards

Highest in the industry

Wide Varieties

Multiple styles, finishes, designs.

Wide Home Setup

From studios and one bedrooms to 2-6 bedrooms plus the choice is yours

Top Quality

Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom

Local Options

Tailored to local requirements

Technological Advancements

  • Each home is delivered with the most advanced technology for comfort, energy saving, sustainability, and predictive maintenance
  • Homes come complete with ‘the most’ advanced predicative and preventative maintenance sensory technology on the market.
  • Solutions though our partners Sensor-IT and FatigueVision deliver the ability to predict, and prevent, knowing what is happening to the building in real time and how the building performs
  • Each home is also upgradable, as simple as your mobile phone, updates to the technology to ensure optimal performance.

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