Smart Haauuss

Custom-Built Homes

Intelligent, modular, affordable, customized homes.

Quality Standards

Working locally, we will adhere to all local standards and requirements

Wide Varieties

We can customize each development and apartment to suit, with an emphasis on smart living, affordability, and style.

Wide Home Setup

From studios to 6 bedrooms, the choices are incredible, offering adaptable affordable, sustainable and stylish homes

Top Quality

Sourcing materials from across a range of partners ensures standards are maintained and choice widened to suit each development

Local Options

Designed for the local market, this could include affordable studio living, multi generational homes, adaptable accommodation or later living, the choice is yours

Technological Advancements

  • Each home is delivered with the most advanced technology for comfort, energy saving, sustainability, and predictive maintenance
  • Homes come complete with ‘the most’ advanced predicative and preventative maintenance sensory technology on the market.
  • Solutions from a network of technology partners delivers the ability to measure, monitor and maintain the home in real time with a focus on lowering the total cost of energy spend within each home
  • Each home is also upgradable, as simple as your mobile phone, updates to the technology to ensure optimal performance.

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